Photographer, Editor, Instructor, Drone Pilot
As a professional photographer since 2007 I have seen it all, and likely photographed it.
From recording thundering explosions at open pit mines to fine dining experiences in luxury hotels and restaurants there isn’t one style of photography I call my own. I love it all, and that love and dedication is what makes me the right choice for your project.
It doesn’t matter if the shot requires dangling off a 40 story rooftop or photographing a CEO in a busy office.
Every client is different and every project is different.
I bring the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to a family portrait session as I would to a high fashion magazine shoot.
That’s what makes me right for your project.
Based in Vietnam, I am a photographer who has no set style. I get what the job requires. With more than two decades of experience living and working in Asia and more than half that time in Vietnam, I know the region and its people. A key asset for getting the job done.