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Editorial Work – Food Photography

December 1, 2015 Work
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It is always nice to have an international magazine contact you for a little work where you live….

A different sort of Fashion

March 12, 2015 Musings, Visual
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Fashion takes many forms. One that is a little lesser known and rarely featuredĀ in glossy fashion magazines is…

The Classic Minolta Collection

January 29, 2013 Visual
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As many of my friends know I am an avid collector of Classic Minolta Cameras. Although unlike some…

The Collaboration Project – Bui Viet Ha

August 3, 2012 Visual
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In the second installment of our collaborations posts we have the lovely Bui Viet Ha. For this collaboration…

The Collaboration Project

August 1, 2012 Visual
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Mark Hua

It has been a long time since I ever really had a chance to do some personal work,…

The Film Files – A Photo a Day for 36 Days

August 29, 2011 Visual
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A small project that lasted 36 days. one photo, one day, for 36 days