6&1/2 Floors of Photography

Trying New Things.

October 3, 2016 Musings, Projects
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For quite a while now I have used Lightroom as my main editing software. Its a great tool…

Faces of the Election

January 5, 2016 Projects, Work
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In November of 2015, The country of Myanmar held only its 3 election in the past 50 years….

Berlin East Side Gallery

December 8, 2015 Projects, Visual
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This past summer I took a trip to Europe for a bit of creative rejuvenation. During my time…

Work in Action

December 15, 2015 Work
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It is always fun doing any shoot. No matter how difficult or tedious it might seem at the…

Editorial Work – Food Photography

December 1, 2015 Work
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It is always nice to have an international magazine contact you for a little work where you live….

Hanoi – A city of leafy green

March 25, 2015 Visual
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Hanoi. The 1000 year old capital of Vietnam and a very pretty city. I have heard it described…