As many of my friends know I am an avid collector of Classic Minolta Cameras. Although unlike some people I do not troll through mountains of ebay listings to find what I am looking for. I prefer to find my cameras at shops. Sure, many times this does not yield the camera in the best cosmetic condition (although there are always surprises) but it is a lot more fun. Especially when traveling to other countries. All of the cameras with the exception of one were found and purchased here in Vietnam.
I think that is part of the fun. Walking around different areas and shops trying to track down unique items.
I also like to use all my cameras. I have taken them on trips with me all over the world. From India to Canada.
I will be in Malaysia next month and for sure I will track down a place that sells old camera equipment. If I find something I will add it to the collection.

If anyone is curious about the history of my Minoltas or the history of Minolta Cameras in general here are some great links.