Not every job is about going out and making new photos for clients. Sometimes I have the opportunity to do something a little different. In this case that something different was decoration.

I have worked with Marielle at Lifestyle Connected Design for a number of years on several different projects.

However, This one was a little more of a challenge.

It was not a challenge because of the difficulty of the space. More because of the idea of the artwork. It wasn’t straight photos the client was after, but something more stylized.
And stylized was the name of the game here.

The client wanted landscape, In particular, Seascape photos, printed large, very large, mainly in Black and White. but with one element of the photo in colour. Oh, and the colours had to be vibrant!
Not usually my type of work. But I was game.

Purple French Lighthouse

So, thats what we did. I found some seascape photos I had done not long ago and put them to task in photoshop in order to figure out the most interesting areas of the photos to colourize.

All in all the results were quite interesting. You can have a look for yourself at them here.

blue waves colour selected to pop as hotel artwork
Cerulean Blue at sunrise
Artwork above the bed in blue
Artwork above the bed in purple at the novotel Phu Quoc
Purple rock splashing wave