This past summer I took a trip to Europe for a bit of creative rejuvenation. During my time in Berlin I spent a lot of time walking around and photographing street life. A good friend of mine asked why I didn’t start a project series as I seemed to be merely taking random photographs of the city with no real purpose.
And thus, the idea pf photographing the entire East Side Gallery of the Berlin wall was born. The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 kilometer section of the original Berlin wall that is covered in graffiti. Some of it has become iconic and is on display permanently. Other sections are repainted from time to time by other artists. On the whole it is an impressive collection of street art in a city that boasts a lot of impressive street art.

I wanted to try and make a fully stitched Panoramic image of the wall however this made the resulting image far too large to upload here. Instead I have opted to put together my favourite pieces from the wall and stitch them into their whole sections. Below are 20 of such sections.

Sadly, I lost the original files of my work from this summer and these are the only photographs that remain. In a way Im glad that these are the ones that are still surviving.

Please be patient with the loading times. The files are quite large.