LW Designs is one of those design firms that I really enjoy working with. It’s not just the design work itself they do that I enjoy. Although it is very nice.
It is working with the people at the company that I rather enjoy. Always a relaxed and easy shoot, Spending time with the team or the lead designer on a certain project with LW has always been an enjoyable experience.

The first time we worked together was on a dual space project in Saigon, Vietnam. This time we were headed to Cheng Du, China! And to the Fairmont Hotel of all places. Fun!
The spaces designed this time around were mostly F&B Venues as well as a bar space. The hardest part of the shoot was definitely the main restaurant. Heavily contrasted elements made the shoot a challenge. Dark lacquer walls and furniture combined with white or lighter artistic elements made it a test of skill.
My favourite elements to photograph however were both the traditional Chinese instruments used as display pieces and in other areas of the property, the use of oversized plastic babies,, that seemed to be placed around the hotel in various areas.. simply meant to scare the crap out of you.

All in all a fantastic 3 days spent exploring a property and it’s design quirks.