My favourite types of projects are the ones where you get to collaborate with other artistically minded people. This can take many forms, from working with pure artists to create interesting conceptual portraits or other works. To fashion designers where I get to put my own style and ideas into the photography of the designes they have created all the way to collaborating with architectural designers both interior and exterior to showcase their spaces in just the way both you and they envisioned.

The last is, quite obviously my favourite as I am quite partial to interior design photography. It seems to be my zen space when making photos.

This time around I was working with the award winning Cheng Chung Designs. The firm had designed the interior of a massive new property in HoiAn and I was asked to photograph the key design elements.
Not an easy task as there are a lot of beautiful spaces at the property. The style is minimalist but with some nice detailed flourishes that I found very pleasant to photograph.
I am looking forward to seeing more of their designs in Vietnam in the future.