Clubhouse Films, A new company started by old friends. it was a nice story. The branding company Rice Creative was looking to do a play on the company name for the branding of the business cards. A lot of ideas were thrown around and thrown out. In the end it was decided that the style would look like old Topps “tall boy” baseball cards (an easy match since regular business cards have almost exactly the same dimensions.

I proposed to do the shoot on film as that was and still is, the best way to get the “film look” in anything. Shooting some sports like photos all in manual focus is not easy. But it does give it that feel of older sports photos. A lot of them were posed for a reason.

All in all a really fun project and a nice test of mental skills to make film shots happen for a client.

You can check out both Clubhouse and Rice Creative by hopping over to their websites that are linked in the names.

ClubHouse Films Project