Quite some time ago.. long long in the past, I was a teacher.
And not a very good one by my own personal view.

But I tend to mark that down to a combination of things. Mainly being a lack of experience / education in that field, and the fact that what I was teaching was indeed not my passion.

Blast forward 14 years and I have come full circle. Perhaps not on a permanent basis, but at least I have cycled back into sharing knowledge.

This past Monday I participated in, along with one of my business partners Etienne Bossot from our company Danang Photographer to give a webinar on how companies (mainly in the travel or travel related industries) can make better photographs on their own. All the tips however can easily be applied to any type of photography that anyone wants to do.

Etienne is an excellent teacher with a patience and vision that I am ever in awe of. You can find all sorts of his amazing tours and teaching materials right here at Pics Of Asia

We know that many properties or even bloggers and the like don’t always have the budget for our services, so we figured we would help out and give a few tips on how to make a few better images yourself.

The webinar was sponsored by the every gracious Travel Massive Danang & HoiAn chapter

So, with all that being said. Here is the link ( Photography for Your Business to Stand Out ) to our workshop.
Of course, if you have any questions after seeing all of that please feel free to drop me a message. I am more that happy to answer questions.

See, just like a real teacher. 🙂