A lot of what I do is centered around photographing something that another person has made. However, it is not very often that I get the opportunity to photograph those people.

Enter Mr. Johnny Murphy.

Johnny and I worked together for 4 years at Asialife magazine where he was the art director, lead (only) designer and all around creative guy in the office. Johnny was one of those people that was extremely easy to work with. Aside from never loosing his cool he also had a great talent for actually making things. So instead of taking the photographically easy way and and photoshopping something we would actually create it.

The same mentality came into play while creating Johnny’s portraits for his website located here -> http://johnnymurphydesign.com/

For his portraits Johnny wanted to showcase the different rolls that he had while working in Saigon. As usual Johnny made the original concepts and it was my job to light them and at times put my own spin on the final product.

I think overall we were able to achieve the effect we wanted.


Johnny Murphy Johnny Murphy Johnny Murphy