This week we are starting a new section here on the blog — On Assignment. While we are not going to spend a great deal of time going into the minute details of how we did each photo on the job, (there are other great resources for that sort of thing) we will endeavour to tell you the story behind the job and show you the best (well, what we felt was the best) shots from the shoot.

Last year we were commissioned to shoot a series of advertising photographs for Chivas 18 showcasing their racing yacht. The yacht was in Vietnam for a  promotional tour through South East Asia. Our job was not to photograph the Yacht only, but to create advertising images with models that showcased the “Chivas Lifestyle” While many nice images came from that shoot, ultimately the lifestyle photos were never used as the client had not officially decided to use them. What we did get, however, were some beautiful images of the Yacht in full sailing action. Here are some of those photos.Chivas 18 Racing Chivas 18 Racing Chivas 18 Racing Chivas 18 Racing Chivas 18 Racing