Frederik Wissink

I am a photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam and have been so for the past decade.

My style is layered and subtle. I work carefully to give you the best possible images for your shoot.

I have lived in Asia since 1999 and have traveled much of the region extensively.

Am I the right creative mind for your project? You bet, and here is why! I have hung off the edge of 50 story buildings to get a better angle for a shot, I have learned to speak Korean by speaking to people on the street in Seoul. I traveled China by train from Beijing to Kashgar collecting stories all the way, I have walked the Himalayas, spoken to Vietnamese farmers in the Mekong Delta and Buddhist monks in Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao, drank with fishermen in the Philippines, and hung out with the Hells Angels in Romania. My experiences speaking with people and listening to their stories translate to my work. I helped relaunch a magazine and was responsible for defining the style of all photography for the whole publication. After more than a decade and a half in Asia I know what it takes.

These are the experiences I bring to every project and yours is no different. I will work hard to make sure your creative vision is realised.